July Week 2 Update (9th-15th)

I got through 5 books this week. That’s insane. They were all audiobooks, though. I was disappointed twice and surprised once, this week was a real mixed bag and this will probably be a continuing trend for awhile since I’m still figuring out my niche. Anyway, let get’s into the books! The Three-Body Problem byContinue reading “July Week 2 Update (9th-15th)”

July 2020 tbr

I do not typically do tbr’s. I am a slow reader and concentrating and comprehending what I read is something that can take a lot out of me so I purposely do not set monthly goals s0 I do not fail and be disappointed. However, I am being unlike myself and I’m currently reading multipleContinue reading “July 2020 tbr”

About Me

Hi, I’m Myles (he/him). I’m a 22 bi nonbinary trans masc guy (yeah idk what that means either). I graduated college with a BS in Environmental Science and I’m hoping to go to graduate school for my MS in Sustainable Agriculture. I made this blog since I recently got back into reading and wanted to document and share my thoughts about what I read because I just love to talk.

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